Book keeping and book keeping control for Romanian legal entities, as well as for Permanent Establishments of non-residents legal entities (foreign companies) established in Romania:

  • Perform and maintain computerized accounting records, in full compliance with the requirements of the accounting policies of the companies and in compliance with the Romanian Accounting Standards;
  • Assistance in organizing and management, document setting circuit;
  • Bookkeeping of the operations relating the internal and external procurements, internal and external sales, cash in Romanian and foreign currency, accounts payable, accounts receivables, stocks, fixed assets, depreciation, exchange differences, and so on;
  • Monthly / quarterly / annual closing of accounts of income and expenditure, VAT, and so on;
  • Evidence of the payroll accounting and the preparation of correspondent statements;
  • Trial balance analysis by an Expert Accountant;
  • Preparation of tax returns by an Expert Accountant and Tax Consultant;
  • Preparation of the Annual Financial Statements (Annual balance sheet) and of Biannual Accounting Statements according to the trial balance by an Expert Accountant;

Supervision and control of the entries made by the employees in the Finance-Accounting Department of the companies.

Assistance offered to internal or external auditors of our customers.

Special reports:

  • Reporting to the Headquarters of its Branches and Subsidiaries accounting records;
  • Implementation of Analytical and Cost procedures;
  • Custom reports by an Expert Accountant and Tax Consultant.

We provide full accounting services for Permanent Establishments of non-residents legal entities (foreign companies) established in Romania

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We have over 12 years of experience providing accounting services for multinational companies in Spanish and English.

We provide full accounting services for the companies that have a


A Joint Venture (JV), which involves a firm contract (business arrangement) between two or more parties without giving rise to a new legal person (in Romania), may be the ideal form in which the participants from the same country or from different countries participate with certain goods or services from their own patrimony for the purpose of jointly carrying out commercial/economic activities, generating profits.

We are specialized in accounting and fiscal treatment of Joint Venture in Romania.

We also provide full accounting services for Freelances